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Our doctors have a wide range of clinical experience ranging from newly qualified junior doctors to senior consultants.

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Our centers provide convenient and high-quality care for a variety of Dental injuries.

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Why People Choose Our Hospital?

Amar Dental Clinic is one of the finest and most advanced dental clinics in rajkot. Amar Dental Clinic is state-of-the-art, furnished with modern equipments and with thorough attention paid to hygiene and sanitation.

The clinic meets ergonomically designed keeping the patients comfort in mind. One of the most special as well as unique features of the clinic includes a well-equipped attached laboratory.

At Amar Dental Clinic, all patients are assured of the best services in dental health care in a very non-stressful and comforting ambiance.


We have an in house doctor working in dentistery since 2005, along with experience of hunderes of patients and thousands of working hours.

We associates only those consulting doctors who have minimum experience of 4 to 5 years and we ensure that they all have under gone advance training with current modalities of practice.


As a life become morden we are using modern machines, materials and we are regulatory updating our techniques.

Hence we take special effort to keep our self abreast with market trends and research so as to be able to identify and source the best for our patients.

We have latest dental chair with ultrasonic scanner including digital X-ray (RVG) supporting apex locator and many more equipments.


We boast of an in house laboratory where All Ceramic restorations can be fabricated in a single day.

We also personally supervise all other restorative work at another laboratory close to our facility.

Having an in house dental laboratory not only gives us an advantage to deliver the treatments faster but also helps us to maintain quality every time we serve our patients.


As an expert in matters of hygiene, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio for maximum hygienic safety in the dental practice this meets the high requirements of large sterilizers in hospitals that operate with 3-fold fractionated pre-vacuum stages to ensure complete steam penetration for items that are difficult to sterilize.

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If you wont to make an appointment with any specialist just fill up the form with valid data and we will contact you via phone for confirmation.


Filling & Repair

GI cements, Silver, Composite like restorative dental materials are use to repair teeth which have been damage due to cavities or trauma.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treat seviourly decayed or absessed teeth by removing infected tissues followed by filling root canal filling materials.

Oral Surgery

Sometime a severely damaged tooth need to be removed. OMFS including treating many disease, injuries and defects.


A removable prosthetic for replacing missing teeth in form of Partial or Full dentures.

Crowns / Caps

For broken or decayed teeth, a crown/cap made up of Acrylic, Metal or Ceramic used to cover the weakened original tooth in order to restore strength.

Bridges & Implants

Ceramic, Zirconia, BruxZir bridges are used to replace a missing teeth. Dental implants are artificial roots used for support replacement teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When i suppost to visit dentist?

If u don't have any dental problem still u suppose to visit dentist every 6 months. So you can detect any caries in initial stage.

Does dental treatment is painfull?

No, now a days technology is advance so not pain at any stage of treatment.

How to take care of my teeth?

Brush twice in days, avoid sweet and sticky food, avoid acidic and cold drink, avoid tobacco products so you prevent your teeth from cavity.

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